September 2017





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This summer, the 3D studio has been hard at work on a full docket of client projects. One such project, worked on by the entire studio, is a ten foot table for Burlington Hotel.​

What’s new at AFH? The 3D studio has been hard at work on a host of client projects including a twelve-foot table for Burlington Hotel, fine art and sculptural pieces for CCR Wealth Management, and our signature TetrapodTM Furniture Collection for private clients.​


Gianni, who has worked in the 3D studio for over a year, says, “Through this project, I learned we can find a solution to a problem if we think creatively and work collaboratively!!”


Reflecting on this project, 3D participant Deyna explains, “This project demonstrates how artistically involved young people are. It shows the skills we have been taught being applied in ways that benefit all those involved.” To create this piece, AFH participants Teara, Deyna, Jenny, Serina, Gianni, Valerie, and assistant mentor Handy worked collaboratively to achieve a vibrant result.​

To accompany 3D’s sculptural wall pieces, the AFH Exhibition team curated, transported, and installed a permanent fine art collection comprised of 24 paintings and 5 framed photographs for CCR Wealth Management. Deyna says, “From this experience, I learned that you do not always have to work by yourself; but rather when we work together, we end up creating a better piece.”

AFH’s 3D Studio has been hard at work on a new order of TetrapodTM Furniture for individual clients. AFH’s TetrapodTM Furniture Collection was showcased at our Greatest Party on Earth and has been showcased in Boston Home Decor Show, exhibited at The Society of Arts and Crafts, and featured in Design New England.​


To create a comprehensive visual narrative, AFH created lobby art including fine art paintings, photographs, and hand-painted mirror frames in addition to the table. As part of the lobby art, AFH also designed and fabricated a ‘Sky’ ReVision collage comprised of 112 6”x6” ReVision tiles. The reclaimed magazine collage incorporates images of blue skies and was given a glossy finish through the application of low VOC resin.​

Our Exhibitions team curated a collection of fine art and sculptural tile art for CCR Wealth Management’s office spaces in Westborough, MA, where they breathed new life into select conference rooms, workstations, hallways, corridors, and training rooms.


In order to outfit the space, AFH’s 3D studio custom designed, fabricated, and installed three 36” x 36” sculptural wall pieces for CCR Wealth Management’s main Conference Room, incorporating a color palette representing the client’s brand colors.


For this edition, participants Suliemon and Edwin worked with assistant mentors Fred and Handy and mentor Dominique to create a seamless collection of colorful stools and a bench.

Handy says, “While working to finalize the TetrapodTM furniture set, I learned the importance of patience while working with wood. These pieces are strong both visually and physically but at the same time they are very fragile.”

When asked what the biggest challenges of this project were, Handy explained, During the preparation for the finishing touches to the pieces, extreme care had to be taken so that the wood would not be damaged while sanding and taping. The smallest scratch or even a small bump into another object could cause a big problem. Treating the wood with coats of finish to help seal it and give it a nice surface was also very important.”​




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